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Launching in 2022

The Psychedelic Values Survey was inspired by the idea that psychedelics require coherent cultural containers to elicit change in individuals and societies. However, with so many different types of people interested in or influenced by psychedelics, it's currently unclear what values and beliefs are currently informing us as the substances (and practices around them) go mainstream.

The Psychedelic Values Survey is an attempt to reveal the many values, beliefs and aspirations currently being expressed by the many overlapping psychedelic subcultures. If psychedelics are a meaningful aspect of your life, identity or history, this survey is for you. It is being designed by Alexander Beiner, in consultation with psychedelic researchers and clinical psychologists, based on validated measures of values and beliefs and qualitative questions sourced from the wider community. The basic version will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Once we have analysed the data, we will publish a sociological report on the results. After this, the data will be open-sourced and available to non-commercial researchers or individuals on request. 

Find out more about the inspiration behind the survey in the films and articles linked below. To be informed when it launches and to participate, enter your email in the form.

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My essay The Psychedelic Trojan Horse outlines the rationale behind the values survey and can be found here. You can also watch a film version below.

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